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Seven Sky Technology

Continuous Innovation

Your Needs


Improve your cash management operations

Effective cash management operations will reduce operational expenses by minimizing cash outflow and accelerating cash inflow


ATM network analysis & profitability

Is your ATM network profitable? Are all the ATMs secure, reliable and optimally located? How are ATM transactions interchange expenses monitored? Are you positive or negative interchange?


Strategic advisory and project support

We connect the dots and provide a service that helps organisations develop and implement strategies to achieve their goals. We provide advice and guidance on a range of topics, such as market analysis, competitive positioning and financial planning.


Efficiency and effectiveness analyses

Is the correct self-service equipment in place? Is this what the customers want, and what might they want in 12 months from now Are your human capital dedicated to the right areas? Do they have the skills and training required to perform optimally?


Transforming conventional branches to digital branch in a box

What does it cost to design, build and operate a traditional “brick and mortar” branch? Are your KYC policies followed accurately and appropriately across your network? Are digital/self-service branches (securely offering 24/7 operations) part of the answer?

Our Solutions


End to end cash management expertise

Experience that spans back of house reconciliation, rationalization, replacement, redeployment and transformation of self-service equipment.


Strategic advisory and project support

In an age of disruptive tech and fast-paced change, we support banks and businesses of all sizes with decision-making support and expert insights.


Efficiency and enhancement for the customers

Define what the customers want and how to relocate the existing human capital by reskilling and what would the cost efficiency generate



A methodical approach to drive sustainable and controlled change at an enterprise-wide level that not only modernises and maximises operations but creates new opportunities for revenue.


Value added services

Tailored support for cash and security operations, audits and health and safety

Our Process

Business-disciplined framework for managing organizational changes, including transformational change, through to full Return on Investment

Our Vision

To deliver excellence with integrity, hard work and dedication.

Our Strategy

To create value through product, equipment and process innovation delivering exciting customer service.

Our Objective

To provide the best outcomes for our customers, partners and end-users. Deliver the best footprints for Cash

Our World

Managing Consultant:

Malcolm W Clingham

Experienced operational banker Malcolm W Clingham helps financial institutions and their customers pinpoint and unlock sustainable growth potential in existing customer journeys. Bringing together expertise in Cash Management Operations, Digital Branch transformation and Security, Risk, Audit Operations and Health & Safety, Malcolm leads teams that reconfigure banking journeys for Retail, SME and Corporate customers. A visionary leader with a strategic outlook, Malcolm’s international background pairs the best in technology with the needs of banking customers.

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